TR606 UniPulse Installation

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uniPulse TR-606 features

  • Full velocity control of all 7 voices
  • Six (6!) additional sounds (An 808ish deep clicky bassdrum and a higher pitched one, Only Snare Noise, Only Tom Noise, Each half of Cymbal (the hitting sound and the decaying sound))
  • Midi clock input. Clock is also sent to external din-sync devices.
  • Midi controlled Open hihat decay
  • You can install an additional midi socket, or use the existing DIN-Sync socket

After installation you can trigger the following instruments on midi channel 10:
BD: 36
SN: 38
LT: 45
HT: 48
CY: 49
OH: 46
CH: 42

and the extra sounds:
Bassdrum 2: 37
Deep Kick: 35
Felt Cymbal: 52
Snoyze: 40
Brush: 47
Closed Cymbal: 51

Open hihat decay CC: 19 (when counting from 1), 18 (when counting from 0)

The midi channel and the notes can be modified using our configurator tool (see below).

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Korg Minipops-120 Single Output Modification

Here you will find information on how to add single outputs to your beloved Minipops-120.
This mod is compatible to midi added with the uniPulse. An uniPulse installation manual for Korg Minipops 120 is here.

Attached is a picture (extracted from the service manual) of the circuitboard and the points/parts you have to desolder to add single outputs. The HighHats and Cymbal share the same output, so you will get 7 single outputs for Bassdrum, Snaredrum, Claves, High Conga, Low Conga, Bongo and Highat/Cymbal.

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Midi for Korg Minipops 7 (uniPulse installation)

This guide shows you how to use the Tubbutec uniPulse interface with a Korg Minipops 7. You can also add outputs for each instrument.

The config file for the Korg Minipops 7 is here.


– Full velocity control for all 14 instruments
– Velocity controls guiro pitch
– Midi sync (optional)

Guiro pitch is controlled by midi velocity. If you want a fixed pitch, adjust CV-voltage until the desired pitch is reached.

Trigger points:

The image below shows the trigger points. You can solder the uniPulse trigger outs directly to these points. An exception is the Guiro, which is connected to the uniPulse CV-out with an additional diode.

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Video showing midi to coil

Here is a video showing a custom midi interface developed by Tubbutec for analogue drum machines such as Korg Minipops, AceTone RythmAce, Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2, Roland TR77,…

It has the following features:

  • 16 pulse out channels + Guiro output and pitch control
  • Outputs selectable between +5V..+12V and -12V
  • Fully velocity sensitive
  • Adjustable pulse length between 0.3 and 1.3 ms
  • Midi learn


Sequential Tom power supply

This Sequential Tom needed a new power supply. It states to need 15V AC, but after a little bit of reverse engineering it turned out to actually need 2×7.5V AC. It is quite unlikely to find a wall adapter with 2×7.5V AC, so I had to build an own power supply. It is just a (fused) transformer in a case, and a plug attached to a cable that fits into the back of the Tom. Done 🙂

sequential tom (2)