Tubbutec Firmware Updater


Use this program to update the firmware of Tubbutec products. A user manual is included in the download.
The updater has been completely re-written and now supports OSX and windows.

Tubbutec Firmware Updater 2.0

Firmware images:
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SH-1oh1 v.1.07 1.2.2017
– BUGFIX: Pitch bend calibration was not saved properly
– BUGFIX: Midi in pitch now matches midi out pitch in all modes

SH-1oh1 v.1.06 23.11.2016
– FEATURE: Now sending velocity values in ‘as sounds’ mode based on accent. Can be used with ‘accent switch’ input to trigger same accents again.
– BUGFIX: Arp latch (hold) turned off when pressing the UP button
– BUGFIX: Wrong tuning on startup until pitchbend was sent.

SH-1oh1 v.1.05 15.11.2016
– BUGFIX: Keyboard now responses quicker
– FEATURE: When HOLD is pressed or arp is triggered fro midi, retriggering is turned off

SH-1oh1 v.1.04
– FEATURE: ARP ping pong mode (press UP+DOWN)
– FEATURE: added ADSR parameters: delay, polarity and looping mode
– BUGFIX: Bug when sending MTC quarterframe message
– BUGFIX: two uppermost notes behaved weird in ARP

SH-1oh1 v.1.03
– BUGFIX/FEATURE: (processor)noise has been reduced. The noise performance is now better then in the original SH-101.
– BUGFIX: midi note now turns off in arp mode
– BUGFIX: Gate does now turn off with rests in sequencer mode

SH-1oh1 v.1.02
– FEATURE: By default config menu not accessible via midi, can be switched on in config menu
– BUG: midi chan not filtered correctly
– BUG: hanging notes in key transpose

SH-1oh1 v.1.01
– BUGFIX: Sequencer is clocked from midi clock, if sender sends clock when stopped
– BUGFIX: Midi clock not in sync when changed
– BUGFIX: Mid velocity mapping not filtered by channel
– FEATURE: Parameters now return to previous value when velocity mapping is changed


Juno-66 version 1.26
– BUGFIX: Arp U&D mode was not working correctly
– BUGFIX: Arp max speed was not available

Juno-66 version 1.25
– FEATURE: Four custom scales can now be uploaded, selected. They are saved during power down.

Juno-66 version 1.24
– FEATURE: Upload a custom scale using midi.

Juno-66 version 1.23
– BUGFIX: Changed Up/Down mode of Arp to behave like original
– FEATURE: Portamento now switches fully off, when controlling speed over midi
– FEATURE: Looping mode, delay and polarity for ADSR
– FEATURE: ADSR and LFO are now reset with firmware reset

Juno-66 version 1.22
– BUGFIX: polymode only kills every second voice.
– BUGFIX: “click” sound when switching from very low to very high note

Juno-66 version 1.21
–   BUGFIX: midi controller not sensitive to specific midi channel

Juno-66 version 1.20
– ARP and SH-LFO clock sources can now be controlled via midi
– TRI-LFO max speed has been changed to about 2.2kHz. Due to technical reasons everything above was not usable. In exchange you get a better control law for the LFO-speed-course midi control
– BUGFIX: occasional double triggers when pressing keys in arp mode with internal arp clock.

Juno-66 version 1.1
1.1 contains the following new features:
– Additional ADSR envelope for filter
– Three voice mode
– New school chord memory modes
– Optional auto portamento in MONO B mode


ModyPoly version 1.54
– BUGFIX: problem when sending MTC quarter frame messages

ModyPoly version 1.53
– midi controller messages are now filtered according to channel
1.51 fixes the following bugs:
– Pitch of Polysix drifts when playing a very low note after a very high note with the same voice
– In rare circumstances (depending on the hardware) the gate of voice 1 is not turned on correctly


ModySix version 1.5


Old program version

The old version can be found here:
Tubbutec Firmware Updater (old java based version)

Source code

Source code of Firmware Updater version 2