ModyPoly HiRes Upgrade

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This upgrade for ModyPoly adds microtonal support and (Polysix only) portamento. It sits on top of the ModyPoly and can be added to any existing ModyPoly installation. More info on the HiRes page.

For Polysix there is also an additional portamento knob and front panel:
Fully black anodized aluminium 2 colour screen printed.
The pot accepts the original Polysix knobs (not included) or a black knob with similar feel and size.
It matches the look of the Polysex mod and both can of course be installed simultaneously.

You can also purchase a ModyPoly with the HiRes board already installed here.

Additional information

Weight0,043 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 0,2 cm

with panel, without panel

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