Software for MC-2oh2

There is now several 3rd-party software available for the MC-2oh2 upgrade:

MC-2oh2 Hack

Get and send pattern, song, set or all data from/to the MC-2oh2 via SysEx
Load and save pattern, song, set or all data from/to disk
Edit MC-2oh2 patterns in the software, not on your MC-2oh2’s screen
Preview one or more MC-2oh2 patterns in realtime on the MC-2oh2, including all note modifiers, via MIDI.  Can also choose to preview the note sequences on another hardware or software synth
• Adjust all LFO, ADSR, filter accent and noise modulation settings, again with real time preview
• Constrain patterns to selectable scales, with ability to preview different scales before committing
Randomize pattern notes, lengths, volume, filter and noise accents, and portamento, all via user-specified ranges
Upload samples to the MC-2oh2, as easy as drag and dropping WAV or AIFF files onto the application and clicking one button!
• Adjustable application size

More info and Download

MC-2oh2 Reason Combinator Panel

This is a Combinator Panel for Reason V12 and Above.
All CCs have been mapped according to the list in the 2oh2 Manual.

Reason’s Combinator unfortunately only permits a limited number of CC mappings,
I have tried to layout the controls I felt to be most useful.
You may have to contruct a second panel for other CCs.

Load the Combinator and select the included backdrop.



Author: Joseph McMenemy