ModyPoly Rear Panel

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Rear power panel replacement for Korg Polysix and Korg Mono/Poly.

Replaces the existing rear panel and includes
– A C14 socket instead of the fixed power cable
– Holes for Midi sockets (for example for our ModyPoly kit)
– Hole for a sustain socket or other 6.3mm jack socket

If midi and sustain sockets are not used, they can be covered up with the existing serial plate.

There is also enough space for additional holes. This allows to install sockets such as external audio in, pan-mod or similar mods without damaging the original case.

The kit includes:

  • Panel: steel, poweder coated, holes drilled and threads cut
  • C14 socket with switch
  • brown, blue and green-yellow wires with cable lugs, pre-tinned
  • 4x M3 bolts for mounting (you can use the original bolts as well)
  • M3 nut and lockwasher
  • ! The C14 power cable is NOT included !

The panel is very easy to install:
– Remove the existing power cable by desoldering the wires
– Desolder the black switch wires. Keep one of them.
– Remove the 4 screws of the existing panel.
– Clip the C14 socket and switch into place in the opening of the new panel
– install the new wires on the C14 socket as shown (just plug and play)
– install the new panel and solder the wires to the board
– bridge the switch contacts on the board with the black wire (see picture)
– Install Midi sockets and sustain socket, or cover the holes with the serial plate.

Note: In some cases, the power supply board looks like in the picture below. There are additional SW contacts (switch contacts). When installing our panel, these need to be bridged as the switch is already wired. You can use one of the original black cables to do so.

Some MonoPolys have the Earth wire attached to the back panel. In this case use the provided M3 nut and lock washer to attach the Earth wire to one of the screws that hold the rear panel, see picture. Please make sure that you can measure continuity between the metal case and the Earth wire. You can use some Loctite to secure the nut.

Earthing point for Korg MonoPoly

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