ModyPoly controller

There are two controller plugins built by ModyPoly users:

Modopoly VST plugin and Max4Live ModyPoly Ctrl

Max4Live ModyPoly Ctrl

You can find find the Max4Live controller here
ModyPoly Ctrl by Render


This controller available as VST and standalone exe can be used to quickly control various ModyPoly parameters. It also features two XY pads. It has been created using CNTRL which means you can modify it yourself and adjust it to your needs. By installing the ctrlr software you can also use it in OSX.

This is 3rd party software and was created by a ModyPoly user. Tubbutec can not give any support for this. Software is provided as is.


Download standalone (win)

Download windows VST 32 Bit

Download windows VST 64 Bit


Download standalone (osx)

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