Shop FAQ

Where can I see the status of my order?

If you created an account during checkout, you can see your order status, recent orders and other info on your “My Account” page.

Is VAT added to the price? How much

If you live outside the EU, we will not add VAT.

If you live in the EU, we need to add VAT to your order.
As of 1.7.2021, the new EU regulation mandates, that VAT rates of the country of the buyer need to be used.
VAT is calculated at checkout and usually between 19% and 21%

If you want to know the final price of an item, put it in the shopping cart.
Then navigate to your shopping cart, press “change address” and select your Country.
This will display the correct VAT rate and product total.

I live in the EU, have a VAT number and would like to order without VAT. How?

During checkout you can enter you VAT number here:
The number will be validated and VAT will be removed from your order, if the shipping address is outside of Germany. We can not remove VAT when shipping within Germany, as we have to prove that the goods have been exported.


Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

Terms and conditions and power of revocation (in German)

Minimum Order amount to the UK

Due to complications with UK VAT laws after Brexit, the minimum order amount for deliveries to the UK is £135 for private customers. Business customers with a valid VAT ID, please contact us if necessary.