Juno-66 Ableton Live Controller

Currently there are two user created MAX4Live plugins for the Juno-66

Jesse Miller – Juno-66 Controls

Download here

Credit: Beard.o.Bees

Midi Error – Juno-66 editor

There are two versions which are only visually different:

Version 1

Download version 1

Version 2

Download version 2

This is a Max4Live based Ableton live controller plugin for Juno-66
This plugin was made by MidiError, thank you very much!

Tubbutec Juno 66 Max4Live Beta

Thanks for downloading this beta MAx4Live device. Hopefully it will make your Juno 66 Modifiation more powerful and accessible than ever before!
Copy the AMXD file into your Ableton Max4Live MIDI Effects folder – then drop it onto a new midi channel. Set up the correct MIDI outputs in Ableton to make sure the messages go to your Juno 66. You may automate all parameters in the editor using automation lanes.
You can have this on the same channel as your MIDI note sequences, but I would advise putting it on a seperate track, to enable smoother MIDI data flow.