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ModyPoly HiRes – high resolution upgrade for ModyPoly

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HiRes is an upgrade for the ModyPoly which adds high pitch resolution, microtuning and portamento. It works for Polysix and Mono/Poly (and is somewhat usable on the Poly-61).

Main features

  • Adds portamento to any ModyPoly equipped Polysix. An optional panel and portamento time knob is also available
  • Enables mirotuning and custom scales on Polysix and Mono/Poly.
  • Voice spread / detuning parameter available via midi
  • High precision pitch bend for Polysix and Mono/Poly


HiRes is an upgrade for the ModyPoly. You can install it on any existing ModyPoly or purchase ModyPoly with the HiRes update included. Several options are available:

Base board: the basic HiRes board which plugs into the ModyPoly + connector to the DAC. Gives you all functionality, but portamento time can only be set via midi or the config menu. This is probably your choice for a Mono/Poly or if you do not want to drill a hole in your Polysix.

Portamento panel: All base board options, but also includes a portamento time knob + panel for the Polysix. The panel is screen printed and anodized aluminum,color matched to the ‘polysix-blue’. A black knob with similar feel to the original is included, but you can use an original knob as well.


Portamento works in all play modes (unison, poly, chord, ..). You can adjust the portamento time via the portamento knob, midi or the ModyPoly config menu.
Using the MODE switch on the Polysix you can select between:
– UP: auto portamento (will glide when playing legato)
– DOWN: Portamento is turned on
– UP/DOWN: Portamento is OFF.
Setting the portamento time to 0 is identical to turning it off.

You would probably only use this on the Polysix (Mono/Poly already has portamento). But of course it also works on the Mono/Poly and gives you midi control over portamento time. Portamento has linear constant time behaviour meaning it takes the same time to glide one semitone or one octave


The HiRes upgrade features full microtonal support for Polysix and Mono/Poly. HiRes uses a high quality 16 bit DAC which results in a effective resolution of 0.2 cent. Up to 4 tunings can be saved in the ModyPoly and recalled using the config menu. Real time sysex tuning messages are also supported and allow instant retuning of any note.

Voice spread

Voice spread detunes the individual voices in a controlled manner and allows a wide variety of effects. Slightly out of tune sound, or morphing between chords is possible. It is very similar to the ‘detuning amount’ parameter of the Polysex mod.

Poly-61 ??

Due to the Poly-61 being DCO based, microtuning and portamento is unfortunately not possible with HiRes. However you can get some related functionality:
– Portamento is replaced with glissando. This is actually quite close to portamento as long as you use short times. You can install the portamento time knob just like in the Polysix.
– Microtonal tunings and scales are replaced by non-microtonal scales. This works as long as you use semitones to create a scale (think pentatonic scales for example).
You don’t need the HiRes hardware unless you want to install the ‘portamento time’ knob though. The features described above are included in ModPoly firmware version 2.x

User manual

All features of the HiRes upgrade are described in the ModyPoly user manual.
You will need to install ModyPoly firmware version 2.x

Installation manual

The installation manual is available as pdf.
There is also a video showing all the steps involved.

Order online

SH-1oh1 can be ordered online in our shop. We ship from Germany with fixed shipping costs worldwide. If you want us to install the mod for you please contact us. Please also consider using a tech in your area.