KAC TM62100

Midi and more for Yamaha SK synthesizers

TM62100 is currently in production and will be available soon. If you are interested, please contact us and we’ll put you on a notification list

TM62100 adds midi and additional features to SK-15, SK-20, SK-30 and SK-50 synthesizers. It is a direct replacement for the Yamaha YM62100 key assigner IC and can also be used to replace defective original ICs – even when midi is not required.


  • Midi input and output
  • Independent midi control of organ and synthesizer and bass sections.
  • Full tonal range in split mode
  • Midi filter cutoff and resonance control
  • Additional filter LFO
  • Midi sustain control
  • Midi portamento switch (SK-30, SK-50)
  • Midi aftertouch (maybe)
  • Built in configuration menu can set midi channels and other parameters.
  • Non-destructive installation can be reverted to original