6equencer firmware update

This page describes how to perform a firmware update on Tubbutec 6equencer modules.

Check the current firmware version

To check which firmware version is installed on your 6equencer, go into config mode

  • FUNC + CONF (long-press)

Then press

  • FUNC + CLR

For a second all leds will turn off and the firmware version displayed with the red leds.

  • All leds off, LAST STEP on:  Firmware version 1.00
  • All leds off, CLR on: Firmware version 1.01
  • All leds off, LAST STEP on and CLR on: Firmware version 1.2
  • All leds off, MUTE on: Firmware version 1.21

Firmware Updater Tool

Download our Firmware Updater Tool (at least version 2.1)

Start the tool, select “6equencer” as product and load the image file (downloads below).
Now connect midi out of your computer to the midi in socket of 6equencer and select the correct midi output in the config tool. The midi output on 6equencer is not used.

Bootloader mode

To access the 6eqeuncer bootloader, power down 6eqeuncer and while pressing and holding FUNC turn it on again. The LAST STEP led will light up in bright blue.


Press Update in the firmware updater tool. The LAST STEP led should start blinking while the firmware is updated. If all goes well, all blue leds will turn on to indicate a successful update and the 6equencer will boot with the new firmware.
If you see red leds an error has occured. In this case try again and/or contact us with the error code. You can not damage or brick 6equencer as he bootloader can always be accessed by pressing LAST STEP during startup.


Here are the currently available firmware versions. Unzip them before loading them into the updater tool

6equencer firmware version 1.21 30.11.2021
– BUGFIX: Pasting a track did not work correctly

6equencer firmware version 1.2 18.10.2021
Find an update to the user manual as pdf here.
– FEATURE: Swing
– FEATURE: Flam / ratchet
– FEATURE: Analog clock divider
– BUGFIX: Improved LINK connection

6equencer firmware version 1.01 31.5.2021
– BUGFIX when removing a link, a receiver 6quencer would not regain controller functionality
– BUGFIX: LINK was unreliable in rare cases. Fixed
– FEATURE: in Mute mode, instrument triggers received via LINK are shown, too
– FEATURE: probabilistically suppressed instruments unblink probability LEDs
– FEATURE: Probability setting is also sent to other sequencers
– FEATURE: Tapping in gate mode now works across linked 6equencers
– BUGFIX: After startup, first step to play was 2nd, if no reset was issued

6equencer firmware version 1.00 15.4.2021
Initial release