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Microtonal modular multitool

SH-1oh1: Roland SH-101 midi retrofit and feature extension
SH-1oh1 µTune edition: Micro tonal version of SH-1oh1
Polysix, Poly61 and Mono/Poly midi retrofit and feature extension (aka Modysix)
Analoge modification kit for Korg Polysix
frontpage-juno66-300Midi retrofit and feature upgrade for Roland Juno-6 and Juno-60
unip300 UniPulse: Universal drum machine midi interface

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Hammond AutoVari 64 midi with uniPulse

These are the installation instructions for uniPulse on a Hammon Auto Vari 64.

This has not been tested and is only an educated guess based on the schematics.

Installation is very easy. You need to solder a few wires to the voice board. Connections are shown in the image below. Connect uniPulse’s V- to GND, V+ to +25V and the rest to the pulse outputs P1. The ‘sandblock’ sound can be controlled via the uniPulse CV output in ‘gate’ mode by connecting it with an additional diode.

You need to configure the triggers to be +13V, Open rect, voltage linked to velocity using the configurator.

And you should be good to go!

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