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Microtonal modular multitool

SH-1oh1: Roland SH-101 midi retrofit and feature extension
SH-1oh1 µTune edition: Micro tonal version of SH-1oh1
Polysix, Poly61 and Mono/Poly midi retrofit and feature extension (aka Modysix)
Analoge modification kit for Korg Polysix
frontpage-juno66-300Midi retrofit and feature upgrade for Roland Juno-6 and Juno-60
unip300 UniPulse: Universal drum machine midi interface

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CR-78 midi with uniPulse


Fully velocity sensitive drum triggers
Midi Clock sync


So far we have not had the chance to have a CR-78 in our workshop. So the following install instructions are based on the schematics and are not verified by us.

Below you can see the trigger points we found. There are usually two different possibilities, (red and blue). Both will likely work, but you may want to try them both. The Guiro (green circle) is different from the other triggers and is worth exploring. It might be possible to connect this to CV-out of uniPulse to control Guiro pitch.

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