New! Tubbutec uniPulse: universal drum machine interface

  • Highly customizable, compatible to almost any drum machine
  • 16 pulse outputs
  • Full velocity sensitivity
  • Outputs positive and/or negative pulses up to 12V/-12V
  • 5 different pulse shapes
  • Multiple mappings, clocks and gates, config tool, and much more..

More info

SH-1oh1: Roland SH-101 midi retrofit and feature extension
Polysix, Poly61 and Mono/Poly midi retrofit and feature extension (aka Modysix)
Analoge modification kit for Korg Polysix
frontpage-juno66-300Midi retrofit and feature upgrade for Roland Juno-6 and Juno-60

Recent Posts

SH-101 noise reduction mod


The Roland SH-101 while an awesome sounding synthesizer, unfortunately suffers from digital noise on its output. The main source of this noise is the current flowing through its DAC combined with bad grounding. The Tubbutec SH-1oh1 mod reduces the noise floor below that of the original (amongst a lot of other features), but noise is sometimes still an issue especially with bass sounds.
This is the instruction of an easy to perform – and reversible – modification that reduces the noise substantially, by about 10dB.

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