This product has been discontinued.


Sumtiple has been discontinued. We recommend LPZW WK-1 as a replacement.

A 3-input precision adder is combined with a 3-output active precision multiple. The multiple input is normalized to the adder output, so you can have 4 adder outputs total.

Very low gain and offset error make this a perfect tool for adding and splitting pitch CVs, but it is also a great general purpose tool. Of course works for audio as well.

A RGB-LED shows the adder output signal (red positive, blue negative) and multiple input (green, positive only)

You can multiply an input by 2 or 3, by patching the multiple outputs to the adder inputs.

Sumtiple is available as a completely assembled and calibrated module, or as DIY kit. The kit has assembled SMD parts and contains all THT parts and front panel.
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Weight 0,080 kg
Dimensions 0,040 cm

Full version, DIY kit