MC-2oh2 firmware 1.1 news

Firmware 1.1 is a major update for our MC-2oh2 mod for Roland MC-202 synthesizers.

In addition to the already rich feature set, the update brings a live recorder with overdub, per-step probability, a swing/shuffle function and various small improvements.


MC-2oh2’s new recording feature can record from the keyboard or the output of the arp. An optional overdub feature allows corrections and ever-evolving patterns. At any time of the recording process, it is possible to switch into the pattern editor and modify the recorded pattern. Afterwards you can continue with the recording without having to stop the sequencer. This is perfect for playing and composing live and a lot of fun!

Per step probability

MC-2oh2 now features probability control of the gate and modifiers (accent, filter accent, portamento and noise) of each note. There are four different levels you can set:

0% (always off)
Low (33% probability by default)
High (66% by default)
100% (always on)

The levels for “low” and “high” can be set globally and even changed via midi CC.
When playing a pattern, the probability will be taken into account: If a note accent has a probability of 33%, every third time this note is played, it will trigger accent.


MC-2oh2 now features a swing / shuffle setting. Swing will delay every 2nd 16th note by an adjustable amount between 0% and 99%. Swing can be applied with any type of clock source: Internal clock, DIN-Sync, Midi Clock and trigger.

Performance shortcuts

Two new shortcuts are implemented to further improve MC-2oh2s live performance capabilities:
Pressing TEMPO now also shows an overlay with the state of each channel (normal, playing, arpeggiator, recording). With the press of a button you can quickly toggle between a started and stopped state for each channel. This allows quick and easy arrangements. Starting will always happen in sync.

Another shortcut helps to quickly change the channel: Press and hold CHAN and use the DOWN, NORM and UP buttons to select channel 1, 2 or the drum channel.


The new screensaver helps preventing burn-in of the OLED display. We recommend to activate it.


There are many more minor improvements and fixes.