Eko Rhythm Maker trigger points and clock

This schematic shows trigger points and clock injection points for EKO Rhythm Maker to be used with uniPulse.

To our knowledge this has not been tested yet, if you have, please let us know.

Trigger points are marked in two variants: rectangular are before the volume control, round after the volume control. In case of the LIMSHOT (sic.) there is no volume control so points are the same. Configure uniPulse to use positive trigger.

in order to use clock sync, you will have to remove one leg of C35 so create separate points A and B. Use a two-pole switch and wire it up to points A, B and C. Connect D0 output from unipulse to one side of the switch using a 4k7 resistor. Connect D1 output from uniPulse to a generic NPN Transistor unsing a 4k7 resistor. (As shown in the middle of the graphic).
If you configure D0 as clock output and D1 as start/stop you can use the switch to select between internal clock and midi clock.

Power for uniPulse is marked in green as +V and -V. Voltage at +V might not be high enough for the uniPulse in which case you could use a separate power supply for uniPulse. If you have measured the voltage at +V point, please let us know, so we can correct this paragraph.

Midi for Korg Minipops 7 (uniPulse installation)

This guide shows you how to use the Tubbutec uniPulse interface with a Korg Minipops 7.

The config file for the Korg Minipops 7 is here.


– Full velocity control for all 14 instruments
– Velocity controls guiro pitch
– Midi sync (optional)

Trigger points:

The image below shows the trigger points. You can solder the uniPulse trigger outs directly to these points. An exception is the Guiro, which is connected to the uniPulse CV-out with an additional diode.

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SH-1oh1 µTune edition now available


The SH-1oh1 µTune is a special edition of the Tubbutec SH-1oh1. It has all the features of the SH-1oh1 but also:

  • Microtuning with high resolution
  • Upload up to 31 custom scales via midi sysex. For example using Scala.
  • Switch scales live
  • Includes a scale editor! For each key you can set base note, coarse and fine pitch via midi CC. Save your custom scale when satisfied.
  • Export scales via midi-sysex, or send them to other synths
  • Custom tuning available on CV-out (5 octaves only)

The SH-1oh1 µTune special edition is hand assembled and tested in our workshop.

The user manual can be found here: SH-1oh1 µTune user manual (PDF) (Chapter 8 describes µTune features)

The installation manual can be found here: SH-1oh1 µTune installation manual (PDF)

You can order the SH-1oh1 µTune in our shop.