ModyPoly: Control Polysix resonance

Disclaimer: While this has been tested and found to be working well,
it is not an official ModyPoly feature (at least not yet).
For this to happen we would first like to test this in more Polysixs
to see if it always works as intended.
So if you find this is not working properly, tell us, but don’t blame ModPoly.

The following manual describes how to use the 3rd CV output of ModyPoly (brown wire) to control the Polyisx resonance. You will need at least firmware version 1.57 for this to work. Lower firmware versions will have an inverted response with full resonance at startup.

You will need the following additional parts:

1x 20k (1% or better)
1x 30k (1% or better)
1x 49.9k (1% or better)
(Yes, these values exist)

2x 100nF


Solder the resistors and capacitor as shown in the picture below:
Solder the 49.9k resistor in parallel to R12 and a 100nF capacitor in parallel to R14.
Solder the 30k to the leg of the 49.9k as shown, from there connect to pin5 of IC9 with a 100nF. Solder the 20k to the connection point of the 30k and the 100nF. And finally solder the brown ModyPoly wire to the 20k. You can now control the resonance via midi.
We recommend shrinking tube and to fix the brown wire to the green cable harness with a cable tie.