Juno-66, ModyPoly, SH-1oh1 midi output configuration

Double midi, phasing, as-played, as-sounds, channels, loop

Tubbutec synth upgrades have two midi output channels: An as-sounds channel and a as-played channel.
While this is a very useful feature, and well documented in the user manuals, many people seem to be confused by this and we had to answer “bug reports” way to many times.

So here is an explanation of some common issues:

Double notes:
The as played channel outputs what you play on the keyboard. Basically the keyboard of your synth acts like a midi keyboard.
The as-sounds channel outputs all notes that the synth actually plays. This includes arpeggiator, sequencer, chord memory and so on.
Both channels can be active simultaneously – and are so by default.

This means if your midi receiver (DAW, other synth) is set to receive midi signals on ALL channels, it will receive as-sounds and as-played. This results in double notes, which can result in
– phasing effects
– incorrect note off
and other undesirable effects.

When receiving midi data, Juno-66, SH-1oh1 and Modypoly will not send this data on the as-played channel to avoid loops. It will however send data on the as-sounds channel, as these notes are potentially different from the received notes.
If your DAW sends the received as-sounds notes back to the output, this will cause a midi loop.
Midi loops can cause stutter, phasing, lockup,…

– Make sure your synth or DAW only receives on one channel, not omni.
– Make sure you synth/DAW does not send midi data received on the as-sounds channel back to the ouput.
– You can turn off output midi channels in your Tubbutec synths. This also seems to confuse people from time to time.
a) Enter the synths config menu. Consult the user manual how to do this.
b) In the config menu you first press the key selecting the midi channel (as-sounds, as-played, input). Then you press one off the lowest 17 keys to turn the channel off (lowest key), or select midi channel 1-16 (key 2-17).