Rhythm Ace FR6 uniPulse install

This manual describes how to add velocity sensitive midi to the Rhythm Ace FR6 using uniPulse.

Picture via Matrixsynth

This was not tested by us, but a friendly customer provided pictures and a schematic drawing for the sync circuit after a successful installation. Thaks to Pieter Vochten.

Configuration file is here. (Right click, save-as)


The picture below shows the trigger point locations. Just solder uniPulse wires P1 – P8 to these points.

Board overview, Unipulse triggers soldered in place:

Board placement:

Connections on backside:

uniPulse power

Solder unipulse wire V+ to the V+ point shown in the picture below. Solder uniPulse GND to the V- point.

Clock and sync

Schematic diagramm, showing the clock and start/stop connections:

Clock connections, resistors not shown:

Transistor placement:

Start/stop connections in place: