TR606 UniPulse Installation

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uniPulse TR-606 features

  • Full velocity control of all 7 voices
  • Six (6!) additional sounds (An 808ish deep clicky bassdrum and a higher pitched one, Only Snare Noise, Only Tom Noise, Each half of Cymbal (the hitting sound and the decaying sound))
  • Midi clock input. Clock is also sent to external din-sync devices.
  • Midi controlled Open hihat decay
  • Midi controlled hihat and cymbal length
  • You can install an additional midi socket, or use the existing DIN-Sync socket

We created a new, more comprehensible installation manual. It’s available as PDF here:
UniPulse TR606 Installation Instructions
Here are the connection points (also pdf):
TR-606 trigger points

Also download the uniPulse config file for TR-606 (right click, save as)

14 thoughts on “TR606 UniPulse Installation

  1. Hi Tobias, hi Alex,
    I like to say, thank you for your very kind support for my bitchy TR606 (you know, each one is like no other)!
    Now everything works like it should, plus I got these extra sound possibilities with the latest update, great!!!
    Best Carsten

  2. hello,

    I’m very bad with midi, but could I control my 606 with my Electribe with that?


  3. hi, could i send with this all the information of the sequence from my tr606 to my DAW?

  4. mmm it would very interesting to have the groove and send it to other drum machines!

  5. Hello !
    So it is possible that I sequencing with my MPC 1000?

  6. Would this mod allow me to control individual 606 drum sounds using MIDI piano roll? In other words, to be controlled using a software midi sequencer/piano roll?

  7. Yes that is correct. You can play individual drum sounds via midi. The sounds are even velocity sensitive and you get a couple of extra sounds.
    You can also sync the 606 with the midi clock.

  8. Hi, is does clock in include a start sequence message? Will this come preflashed for 606 so I can just install and play? Thanks!

  9. Yes Start/stop is of course included. Leave a message during ordering and we will upload the config for you. No problem.

  10. Hi, If I install this- are the extra sounds triggerable via the internal seq? The manual wasn’t clear.

  11. No,
    the extra sounds can only be triggered via midi. We don’t change the CPU of the TR-606, so all original functions remain the same.

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