TR606 UniPulse Installation

uniPulse TR-606 features

  • Full velocity control of all 7 voices
  • Two additional bassdrum sounds (An 808ish deep clicky bassdrum and a higher pitched one)
  • Midi clock input. Clock is also sent to external din-sync devices.
  • Midi controlled Open hihat decay
  • Midi controlled hihat and cymbal length
  • You can install an additional midi socket, or use the existing DIN-Sync socket


If you want to Install the UniPulse into the TR606 there is a little extension board needed also you will need a “special” UniPulse version as there are some little modification to the circuit board needed. You can order it in the shop as a kit. If you want to fit the UniPulse inside the TR606 you may have to desolder the socket for the cables and the midi connector pins as there is nearly no space left in the TR606.

Here you can see the assembled extension board for the TR606.

Start with soldering some extra cables to the GND pad and to the pads underneath the diodes (T1 to T7). Connect the GND cable to GND on the TR606. Solder the D3 cable from the UniPulse to the CM pad.

It should look something like this:

Now you can start and solder all the cables to your beloved 606. Attached you can see the trigger points coming from the UniPulse (marked P1 to P9 and with a circle) and the connection points from the extension board (marked T1 to T7 with a rectangle). On this PDF you can see the bottomside of the circuitboards from the TR606. So it is the side without any components on it.

Solder the cables to the pads that are circled/rectangled corresponding to either the UniPulse cable or the cables coming from the extension board.

Trigger points as high res PDF: TR-606

GND and Vin for the UniPulse are also marked.

If you wish to sync your 606 to MIDI you will need to solder a 47k resistor between D1 from the UniPulse and the marked point in the PDF. Same goes for D2.

With the CV out from the UniPulse you can controll the decay of the open HiHat. Therefore you need to solder the CV out cable from the UniPulse to a 10k Resistor and the resistor to the marked point on the 606-PDF. Look at the following two pictures:

Please ignore the brown and the smaller grey cables. Our 606 is highly modded and therefore not the best photo model for showing solderpoints.

As soon as we get a virgin TR606 we will make some good looking photos of the solderpoints.


With the uniPulse configurator use this file (right click, save as) and upload it to your uniPulse.

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