TR606 UniPulse Installation

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uniPulse TR-606 features

  • Full velocity control of all 7 voices
  • Six (6!) additional sounds (An 808ish deep clicky bassdrum and a higher pitched one, Only Snare Noise, Only Tom Noise, Each half of Cymbal (the hitting sound and the decaying sound))
  • Midi clock input. Clock is also sent to external din-sync devices.
  • Midi controlled Open hihat decay
  • Midi controlled hihat and cymbal length
  • You can install an additional midi socket, or use the existing DIN-Sync socket

The installation manual for the new rev2 of 606-uniPulse can be found in this .zip file. It contains two PDF files.

The new version is:
– easier to install! Pre tinned wires and a low profile board makes installation a piece of cake.
– improved power supply. Solves issues with some 606s with weak supplies
– more full proof: input and output protection make sure it survives even a botched install and or power surges.

Installation is fairly easy and only requires basic soldering skills. 606-uniPulse comes with pre-tinned wires which only have to be soldered onto the tr-606 board. It is not necessary to drill any holes – the existing DIN-sync socket can be used for midi while maintaining its original function!

The installation manual for the old version is available as PDF here:
UniPulse TR606 Installation Instructions
Here are the connection points (also pdf):
TR-606 trigger points

Also download the uniPulse config file for TR-606 (right click, save as)