Korg Minipops-120 Single Output Modification

Here you will find information on how to add single outputs to your beloved Minipops-120.
This mod is compatible to midi added with the uniPulse. An uniPulse installation manual for Korg Minipops 120 is here.

Attached is a picture (extracted from the service manual) of the circuitboard and the points/parts you have to desolder to add single outputs. The HighHats and Cymbal share the same output, so you will get 7 single outputs for Bassdrum, Snaredrum, Claves, High Conga, Low Conga, Bongo and Highat/Cymbal.

We use normalized jacks, so when nothing is connected, the sound will go to the summing amp and is present at the Minipops main output. So if nothing is connected at all to the new single outputs, the Minipops will behave like before.

For the Highhat/Cymbal output, you can just use the white wire underneath the shown circle in the picture. for every other output, just desolder one side of the resistor. use the side that is marked.

Solder a wire to that resistor and solder the other end to the audiojack. A wire from the normalized pin (the one that will be connected to the pin going to the tip if nothing is put into the jack) goes back to where the resistor was soldered before.

If the red dot is within the black outline, it means that you need to desolder the side where the resistor touches the circuitboard. Is the dot on the other side, you have to desolder the longer wire coming from the resistor.