Individual Outputs for Korg Mini Pops 7

After installing the UniPulse in your Korg Mini Pops 7 you can also add individual outputs for each of the instrument.


Many of the instruments are connected to the PRE IN Bus wich is marked red in the schematic. To gain access to each instrument connected to the PRE IN Bus you have to solder out the pins of the resistors theat are connected to the PRE IN Bus.
It is not too easy to find the resistors on the board itself so numbered the spots where you have to solder out the pins.


schematic-board_prein1 – 47k (Rim Shot)
2 – 33k (Claves)
3 – 82k (LB)
4 – 330k (SB)
5 – 100k (Conga)
6 – 82k (CB)
7 – 68k (CB)
8 – 680k (SD1)
9 – 470k (SD2)

Now solder the jack’s signal pins to the resistor pins.We used switched jacks. Therefor the resistors are still connected to the PRE IN when no male jacks are inserted.

Note that the 68k and the 82k of the cowbell have to be soldered together.


However not all instruments are connected to PRE IN.
It is easy for the tambourine, the guiro and the quijada. Just solder the jacks to the spots on the board where it sasy “TAM OUNT”, “GUI OUT” and “TAM OUT”. schematic-instruments_percussionboard_rueckseite_percussionDon’t forget to connect the jacks to GND as well.

Base Drum, High Hat, Cymballs

Originally the base drum, high hat, cymball and the percussion instruments are mixed together. To separate the instruments you again have to solder out several resistorpins as marked in the pictures. The spots where the cuircuit is opened are marked by two black lines. Once again you have to use switched jacks to close the curcuit as log as no male jacks are inserted.

1 – 47k (BD)
2 – 330k (HH)
3 – 47k (CY)

You can now solder the jacks to out soldered resistor pin (1) or to the spot where thr resistor was connected (2 & 3). Dont’ forget to close the circuit with the switchend jacks.