4x Midi CV Interface rev.2

While waiting for my Polysix mod PCB, I am working on rev. 2 of my midi to cv interface. Rev 1 was working well, but I realized I wanted some more features.


The new one will have:

  • 4 x CV out, 12 bit precision each
  • 4x Gate
  • Glide / portamento control for CV outs
  • For each CV you can switch glide mode between (on/auto/off)
  • For CV 3/4 you can choose individually whether they output midi notes or midi velocity from CV 1/2
  • Each CV can be controlled by midi notes and midi controller
  • FM in
  • Midi learn
  • Leds for gate and CV out
  • Doesn’t use smd parts an can be built by everyone

This basically enables you to have 4x polyphony with a modular synthesizer !…..and much more 🙂


Polysix Mod PCB coming soon

I am currently working on a PCB / kit for my Korg  Polysix mod. It will be available soon and feature both mods: portamento and spread detune.

This is a design for a front panel – Polysix style:


It could look like this:


And here is a rendering of the PCB:

p6 spread detune pcb

Currently a prototype board is being produced, for some last checks before a larger order of boards.

If you are interested, have any suggestions or questions, let me know in the comments 🙂

Developing a midi interface for Elektor Formant

Elektor Formant Midi Interface (6)

I am currently working on a midi interface for the Elektor Formant. Of course it is possible to use any midi to CV interface since it is a modular synthesizer, but I wanted to add some features only possible with a custom interface. With this interface it is even possible to have 3 voice polyphony !!!

Features so far:

  • 4 individual CV outs. 2×12 bit high precision, 2×8 bit
  • Glide and master pitch controls
  • FM input
  • CVs are controllable by midi notes or controller messages
  • Leds for CVs and Gate
  • Switch between standard kexboard and midi interface

Planned features:

  • Analog gates
  • auto glide (switch glide on and off)
  • nice front panel

This is the prototype PCB:

elektor formant midi interface

I am going to sell PCBs (much nicer ones than the one on the left of course) as kits if there is enough interest in the interface…so drop me a message