4x Midi CV Interface rev.2

While waiting for my Polysix mod PCB, I am working on rev. 2 of my midi to cv interface. Rev 1 was working well, but I realized I wanted some more features.


The new one will have:

  • 4 x CV out, 12 bit precision each
  • 4x Gate
  • Glide / portamento control for CV outs
  • For each CV you can switch glide mode between (on/auto/off)
  • For CV 3/4 you can choose individually whether they output midi notes or midi velocity from CV 1/2
  • Each CV can be controlled by midi notes and midi controller
  • FM in
  • Midi learn
  • Leds for gate and CV out
  • Doesn’t use smd parts an can be built by everyone

This basically enables you to have 4x polyphony with a modular synthesizer !…..and much more 🙂