Developing a midi interface for Elektor Formant

Elektor Formant Midi Interface (6)

I am currently working on a midi interface for the Elektor Formant. Of course it is possible to use any midi to CV interface since it is a modular synthesizer, but I wanted to add some features only possible with a custom interface. With this interface it is even possible to have 3 voice polyphony !!!

Features so far:

  • 4 individual CV outs. 2×12 bit high precision, 2×8 bit
  • Glide and master pitch controls
  • FM input
  • CVs are controllable by midi notes or controller messages
  • Leds for CVs and Gate
  • Switch between standard kexboard and midi interface

Planned features:

  • Analog gates
  • auto glide (switch glide on and off)
  • nice front panel

This is the prototype PCB:

elektor formant midi interface

I am going to sell PCBs (much nicer ones than the one on the left of course) as kits if there is enough interest in the interface…so drop me a message

2 thoughts on “Developing a midi interface for Elektor Formant

  1. I’m building an elektor formant and like to have midi on it. Your kit looks great.
    I watched your youtube demo’s with the midi interface.
    Do you sell the interface as a kit?

    Kind regards,

    Patrick van der Poel
    The Netherlands

  2. Hi Patrick,

    The Midi2CV interface will be available as a kit, but it is still in development.
    More precisely an enhanced version of the one seen in the video is being developed, but at the moment it is hard to tell when it will be finished.

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