uniPulse MK2 is here

uniPulse has been updated to a new improved MK2 version, while the price stays the same.

These are the improvements:

  • Larger output voltage range: +-15V
  • Wider supply voltage range: runs from 7V-25V, generates +-15V supply voltages internally
  • 3 additional digital outputs
  • Improved input and output protection
  • Fully compatible with uniPulse MK1
  • Comes with an external midi socket with wire and connector
  • Now also included in the kit:
    • A two-pole throw switch often needed to switch between internal and midi clock
    • A panel mount learn button which can optionally be installed

Boss DR110 uniPulse install

This manual describes how to install uniPulse in a Boss DR-110. If gives you velocity sensitive trigger of the instruments. You can also trigger accent via midi.
The DR-110 can also be synced to midi clock.

The following schematics show where to connect the uniPulse trigger outputs P1-P8 and the uniPulse digital outputs D1-D3. (Click for a larger image)D2 and D3 need to be connected via two additional diodes, any diode is fine.UniPulse is powered from the DR-110 6V supply (V+ and GND)

Midi clock control is supplied via the digital outputs D1, D2 and D3. If you connect them directly, the DR-110’s own clock will be overridden. If you like you can add a switch to disconnect D1, D2 and D3.

After installing make sure the uniPulse LED is on, otherwise you might have a problem with the power supply. Then you need to upload the configuration file using the editor.

Here are the trigger points on the PCB as reference:

Individual Outputs for Korg Mini Pops 7

After installing the UniPulse in your Korg Mini Pops 7 you can also add individual outputs for each of the instrument.


Many of the instruments are connected to the PRE IN Bus wich is marked red in the schematic. To gain access to each instrument connected to the PRE IN Bus you have to solder out the pins of the resistors theat are connected to the PRE IN Bus.
It is not too easy to find the resistors on the board itself so numbered the spots where you have to solder out the pins.

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