Midi for Korg PE-1000 – organDonor


The PE-1000 version of organDonor offers the following features:

  • Fully polyphonic midi input for all 60 notes
  • Optional learn button to set midi channel.
  • Midi control of the glide on/off switch
  • Limited midi control of the Highpass and Lowpass filters


The installation is relatively simple, but does require basic soldering skills. You will need to drill a hole for the midi socket.
Installation instructions can be found in this PDF.

User guide

Setting midi channel and keyboard offset

If the optional learn button is installed, it can be used to quickly change the midi receive channel of organDonor.

Connect midi out of a computer or keyboard to midi in of organDonor. Make sure not to send any notes.
Press the learn button and while it is pressed send a midi note on any midi channel. organDonor will set this note as the lowest note of the synthesizer and use its midi channel. These settings are saved.

Playing notes

Send midi notes on the configured midi channel (see above)

Additional midi CC control

The following parameters can be controlled via midi CC:

  • CC23:  Glide on/off
  • CC25: Highpass cutoff
  • CC26: Lowpass cutoff

More configuration

Alternatively you may configure a lot of parameters using our organDonor configurator.
We recommend using the PE-1000 config file as starting point
1.) Save the file on your hard drive via right click -> save as
2.) in the configurator press “Load configuration” and select the file