Polysix restoration + Polysex

Polysix.info is a great blog about the restoration of a Korg Polysix.
Jerome is working on a new wooden case, a complete remake of the front panel and during the process also includes the Tubbutec Polysex mod.
I’m really looking forward to see the finished synth, but even reading about the restoration process is very interesting and I recommend to have a look at his website.

Polysex boards and front panels

Just a quick post showing you the Polysex PCBs and front panels which arrived today.

Here black knobs were chosen, but it is perfectly possible to use the original Polysix knobs.
The front panel is black anodized aluminum with blue and white offset printing. Note that the blue color matches that of the Polysix very well.

panelonsynth2 panelonsynth3

frontpanel platinen

Electric Glockenspiel

Just found this in the attic…

Glockenspiel (1)

I built it when I was about 15, but never finished it. The next step would have been to install a midi interface…
It is a solenoid controlled glockenspiel and still works pretty well.

It sound great and I guess I will build a nice little midi interface, you can actually control the sound by alternating the duration of a keypress (keys are on the back), or hold it to dampen the sound.

Some nice velocity sensitive interface, the current through the solenoids possibly controlled by pwm should give some nice results 🙂

Glockenspiel (2)

Glockenspiel (3)