audiowerkstatt – din2midi2din

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The audiowerkstatt din2midi2din v2 converts the synchronisation-signals known as „DIN-Sync“ or „Sync24“ or „Sync48“ to MIDI-clock-signals and vice versa.

The audiowerkstatt din2midi2din v2 has a MIDI- and a DIN-sync-output and on both outputs a clock-signal is sent at the same time.

With a button you can select, if the clock-signal present at the DIN-sync- or the MIDI-input is used. A LED indicates the selected input.

The device operates as a standard in “Sync24”-mode (24 clock pulses per quarter note). By holding the button when switching on, the device is started in “Sync48”-mode (48 clock pulses per quarter note).

All settings will be saved and restored at startup.

Details can be found in the manual.

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Dimensions 14,5 × 9 × 9 cm