audiowerkstatt – midi-clock-multiplier

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The audiowerkstatt midi-clock-multiplier v2 is a clock-multiplier for the MIDI-clock.

The audiowerkstatt midi-clock-multiplier v2 multiplies the MIDI-clock of the MIDI-master, whereby the MIDI-slave runs correspondingly faster. The multipliers are 1x, 2x, 3x, …, 8x, 9x.

If the multiplier 1 is selected, the MIDI-clock is simply passed through. With the multiplier of e.g. 2 the MIDI-slave runs at double speed. So 16ths-notes will be 32th-notes.

Very useful if you have a very slow song and want to add a new fast track to it, which is faster than the master-clock.

And good for polyrhythmik – especially for experimental musicians – if an odd division-factor is selected and MIDI-master and slave seem to be not in sync, but from time to time come together in perfect sync.

You can also set whether only the newly created MIDI-clock and mmc commands (start, stop, continue) are sent or the, at the MIDI-in incoming data, will be mixed with that.

All settings will be saved and restored at startup.

Details can be found in the manual.

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