UniPulse installation – Vermona ER9

Apologies for the bad sound in the video above.

This manual describes how to install the Tubbutec uniPulse midi interface in the Vermona ER9 drum machine. Apart from this manual we recommend reading the general uniPulse manual.

The uniPulse configuration file for this manual can be found here: Vermona ER config file.

Trigger points

The Vermona ER is built using separate cards. Cards R6, R7, R8 and R9 house the actual drum sounds. This is where we can find the trigger points.

The images below show the schematics of each of the boards, and a photo with the trigger points for the instruments marked in red:





The trigger are all negative with a maximum amplitude of 12V. An exception is Maracas. Here we need an analogue voltage to turn it on and off. We use the CV-output of the UniPulse in Gate mode and connect it to the Maracas CV point via a 4.7k resistor. The analogue gate is velocity controlled, and we can adjust the volume of Maracas with midi velocity.

Power supply

The Vermona ER9 runs off a positive supply voltage which means we can use it directly to power the uniPulse. No further parts needed:


There seem to be at least two versions. This is the power supply of a machine we had recently. You can also see the connected cables to power uniPulse:

Mechanical installation

We decided to use the uniPulse version with external midi connector and mounted it on the base plate of the ER9, with the hole for the midi connector put in the back of the machine. Make sure that the learn button does not touch anything.