Roland CR-68 midi with uniPulse

Our uniPulse universal midi interface can be installed in a Roland CR-68 and will add the following features:

– Velocity sensitive trigger of all instruments
– Global Accent trigger with the existing accent amount control
– Midi clock sync and start/Stop

User manual

Instrument trigger

After installation the following midi instruments are available on midi channel 10. The channel and midi numbers can be changed using our config tool (see the installation manual below)

Accent 34
Bass Drum 35
Rim Shot 37
Snare 38
Maracas 42
Open hihat 46
Cymbal 49
High Bongo 60
Low Bongo 61
Low Conga 64
Claves 75

All of these sounds are velocity sensitive, some instruments however (such as the hihat and cymbal) react to velocity rather poorly. You can hear all instruments near the end of the demo video above.

In addition to this velocity sensitivity, a global accent can be triggered via midi note 34. The amount of this accent can be adjusted with the ACCENT knob on the CR-68

Clock sync

With the switch on the back, the original internal clock, or midi clock can be selected as clock source.


The installation requires to solder some wires to points on the CR-68 board, and holes for the midi socket and clock switch need to be drilled. A stencil for drilling is provided.
For clock sync installation. two traces on the board need to be cut, this is easy to fix should you decide to remove the kit at some point.

The installation manual and config file is available here.