Repairing Yamaha DX100 keyboard

Yamaha DX100 (7)

So the story goes like this:

The previous owner in a desperate attempt to fix a partially broken keyboard managed to scrape of all the conductive material from the rubber strip.

Usually when I fix rubber pad based keyboards like this, it is usually enough to put some graphite spray on a Q-Tip and gently apply some of it to the pad. In this case none of the keys where working and even though the usual approach brought back some keys, it didn’t work very well. So I decided for a full renewal:

Yamaha DX100 (2) Yamaha DX100 (3)

Cover all parts of the rubber contacts that shouldn’t be conductive…Yamaha DX100 (4)

…use some nice graphite spray….Yamaha DX100 (5)

…woooo….Yamaha DX100 (6)

…and put it back in.

The Yamaha DX100 works again like a charm 🙂

14 thoughts on “Repairing Yamaha DX100 keyboard

  1. Hi, is the graphite spray that same as the one in the website link that I’ve provided?
    It states that it is ‘Ambersil Graphite Lock Lubricant’?! Is thgis the right stuff?

  2. thanks for your help, i try the same and buy this spray, my dx 100 works fine 🙂

  3. Yes, absolutely flawless. Cleaned the strip with rubbing alcohol, left it to dry overnight, then sprayed it with this stuff (Kontakt Chemie Graphite 33 Spray 200ml – £10 on eBay) like in the images, waited 2 hours for that to dry, reassembled it, and keyboard works like new! Thank you.

    Here’s a quick demo of it working:

    And here are some images of the spraying (for anyone else doing this):

  4. Hi guys, What was the problem why you put again spray on it? My DX100 makés a strange rotary sound when I play. In the beginning I think it was the battery due to the crakling rotary sound so I’ve changed it but nothing… 🙁

  5. Found this fix works perfect used the Graphit spray by Kontakt Chemie onto the rubber strip and 2 hours later replaced and full keyboard back in working order like new..

    Now I can enjoy making dancehall with my DX100

    Thanks for the fix
    Mark Kosine

  6. Where can I get this stuff in America?
    Any US distributor would be great.

  7. Hi
    Having decided to replace a broken key on my Yamaha DX100, as i attempted to replace it, the keyboard assembly began to come apart. And eventually I just took all the keys out, so i could clean them easier.
    But, as I put the keyboard assembly back together, I couldnt find a way to fit it back into the main body, nor do i know exactly how it all goes back together. (ie the keys kept falling out as i tried to put it back in).
    Do you have any advice for me on this? Or, can you direct me to a site that will showwm me how to re assemble it all. ty John

  8. Most keyboards have that rubber membrane with the little graphic pellets, any suggestions for that? I hear people say just use a lead pencil and another person said that messes it up.

  9. Hi Folks! This tip actually works fine, and I would add that it’s not worth overlapping the rubber stripe…I recommand that you first clean the contact PCB and the rubber stripe with ispropyl alcohol, and make 2 passes with the Graphit 33 spray all over the stripe, let dry for 10 min between both passes …Don’t forget to replace the plastic film with holes, and this is it, enjoy a brand new DX-100!…

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