DCB cover panel – solutions

The DCB cover panel for the Juno-66 was designed to fit the Juno-60 here in the Tubbutec headquarters.
As it turns out there are however either two different versions of the Juno-60 (with respect to the panel mounting).
While our Juno-60 uses self-cutting screws to mount the panel, one customer reported that his Juno-60 uses machine screws.
There are multiple possibilities to use our panel – which was designed to work with self-cutting screws.

  1. Cut a thread. This is by far the cleanest solution. By using a die for M3 screws, cut a thread in the two holes on the sides of the Tubbutec DCB panel. The holes are large enough and no additional drilling is needed beforehand.
  2. instead of cutting a thread use a 3.5 mm drill to enlarge the two holes, then use the original Juno-60 screws in combination with 3mm nuts to mount the panel.
  3. Use black self-cutting screws instead of the original ones.

We apologize for the inconvenience. From now on the panels will ship with a thread so it will work with both, machine screws and self-cutting ones.