Modysix version 1.4

From now on Modysix is being shipped with firmware version 1.4 with these new features:

  • Full support for Korg Mono/Poly including all Modysix features and a 2-Voice mode.
  • Built in triangular LFO for the filter with a frequency range from 0.12 Hz to about 8kHz. Apart from having a separate modulation source, this makes it possible to achieve a vocal like effect due to the high frequency filter modulation. Amount and frequency can be adjusted over midi.
  • Separate clock divider for Sample and Hold LFO and Arpeggiator.
  • New improved config menu
  • Midi outs can be switched off separately and Midi in can be set to omni.
  • Retrigger is switchable for Unison, Chord and Polychord.
  • New improved config menu for easier editing
  • Pitch bend support with calibration
  • Autolegato mode for Powerarp
  • Faster Polychord entry
  • Power arp supports notes, breaks and ties

If you have an old firmware, you can update it using the Modysix Updater Tool (Availible for download soon).

There is a new manual for firmware version 1.4

Due to the new Mono/Poly support I will rename the Modysix to ModyPoly. There will however be still firmware updates and support for the Modysix.