Midi for Selmer/Jax/Keynote Auto Rhythm

This manual describes how to add midi control to this drum machine using our uniPulse interface.
The machine has been sold under various names including

  • Keynote AutoRhythm
  • Jax 230 Auto Rhythm
  • Selmer MR-101 Auto Rhyth

All 10 instruments can be triggered, most are velocity sensitive.

Installation of the midi interface is quite simple and only requires soldering a few cables and drilling a hole for the midi socket.

The picture below shows where to connect the 10 trigger outputs from uniPulse (P1-P10). Just solder directly to the existing solder points.

The next picture shows where to connect +V and GND wires that power the uniPulse.

And finally here you can see how we mounted the uniPulse board using double sided tape. The midi socket can be installed in the back of the machine, a drilling stencil is provided.

As a last step you need to upload the uniPulse configuration using our config tool.
Config file here (right click, save as).

You can order uniPulse in our shop (you need the ‘normal version’ here)