Hohner Automatic Rhythm Player midi with uniPulse

  • These are the instructions showing how to install uniPulse in a Hohner Automatic Rhythm player.
    This gives you full midi control over the instruments, most instruments can be triggered dynamically via midi velocity.

The installation is pretty easy. You just meed to solder a few wires to points on the Rhythm Player circuit board and drill a hole for the midi socket. An additional 100nF capacitor needs to be soldered at the snare trigger point in order to increase the length of the trigger pulse.

The images below show where to connect the pulse outputs from unipulse. Note the 100nF capacitor that is soldered between the snare trigger point and GND. We will I’ll include the capacitor in the kit on request.

Unipulse also needs to be powered. The images below show where to connect the red gnd wire and the brown +V Wire.

In order to install the midi socket you need to drill three holes in the back of the machine. A stencil for drilling is included in the kit.

After installing the kit, you can power in the machine. The LED on unipulse should turn on. You can now uploaded the configuration using our uniPulse configurator.

Link to config file (right click, save as)

Have fun!