How to install MIDI jacks the proper way


When retrofitting midi to old gear using our kits, often holes for the midi sockets need to be drilled. This guide is how we do it and shows a clean, easy way using a hole punch.

Stuff you need:

  • Drill Aid
  • Center Punch
  • 2mm drill
  • 3.2mm drill
  • 4mm drill
  • 6mm drill
  • 8mm drill
  • Screw hole-punch 15.2mm
  • Box wrench 13mm
  • Electric drill


  1. Attach drill aid
  2. Punch the center holes

3. Remove drill aid

4. Drill 2mm pilot holes

5. Use 3.2mm drill

6. Use 4mm drill

7. Use 6mm drill

8. Use 8mm drill

9. Insert screw and skirt of the screw hole-punch

10.Attach the cutting part of the screw hole-punch

11.Use the box wrench, clockwise

12. Result

13. Install MIDI jack

That’s all. Have fun.