ELKA – The Sidekick 32 MIDI with uniPulse

Here is a manual describing how to install our uniPulse midi interface in an
Elka “The Sidekick 32” drum machine.

Note: This manual is made entirely by looking at the service manual. UniPulse installation has at this point not been tested yet.

After installation it i possible to trigger all 10 sounds + 2 extra sounds. Most of them velocity sensitive.

These sounds are available, shown here with their midi numbers. You can however change the midi numbers using our uniPulse configurator tool.

Bass Drum 35
Snare 40
Rim Shot 37
Conga 64
Low Bongo 61
High Bongo 60
Cowbell 56
Brush 44
Hihat 42
L-Hihat 46

And two extra sounds:
Snare noise 40
Rim Shot noise 39


trigger points

Solder the P1-P11 wires from uniPulse to the points shown in the pictures below:

uniPulse power

Solder the red GND and brown +V wires from uniPulse to the points shown here:

mounting unipulse

the uniPulse board needs to be mounted somewhere in the machine. You can use the mounting holes or use double sided tape

midi socket

Three holes need to be drilled to install the midi socket. A stencil for drilling is included in the kit.

Config file

After installation, use the uniPulse configurator to upload the config file for Elka Sidekick 32.