6m0d6 production update February 2022

This is a post about our current production status of the 6m0d6 module. I am writing this because many people asked for an update …

Since our last post we have received the last missing parts, the potentiometers, and immediately sent everything to our assembly house here in Berlin.
In the meantime they had finished SMD assembly all was well.

They did start THT assembly the beginning of February and should have been finished by now…
Unfortunately they are short-staffed due to Covid, and just last week told us they can not actually finish production at all. They had soldered 10 modules 🙁

To not loose any more time, we quickly assembled a team and gear to finish production in-house. This means finding people, developing a production plan, preparing workbenches and building fixtures .

Production will start on Monday 21st and we will post updates here.
Pictures below show the first of five production workbenches we set up