6m0d6 – Production progress November 21

Here is an update of the 6m0d6 module production progress.
Since we showed the module at Superbooth and started taking preorders we have:

  • Received all switches for production
  • Received processors for production
  • Received several small parts such as screws and nuts (we use very fancy nuts for the pots)
  • Finalized the front panel, had a sample produced and ordered panels for the first batch
  • Finalized the PCB. We implemented a few improvements to reduce noise and allow even better dynamic playing (video coming soon). We also had to change to another opamp footprint (part shortage, see below)
  • Confirmed the final design by building yet another prototype (rev 5) and ordered all PCBs
  • Improved the software and now have velocity control via midi
  • Designed and build production tooling (like soldering jigs), created assembly instructions.
  • Talked to our assembly house here in Berlin so they can start production.

Bad news: We are still waiting for the potentiometers and do not have a confirmed ETA just yet.

Good news: We will start with SMD production nevertheless, so we can perform the final soldering step as soon as the pots arrive. We are very happy that despite the current shortage of electronic parts we were able to source all components and can start assembly. Some parts were incredibly hard to get (for example processors, opamps) and cost us many hours of research, nerves and board redesigns.

Update: 18.11.21:

We received the PCBs and all parts are now being sent to our assembly  house.