Update µTune Expanders

Updating the µTune expander firmware can be done by using the main module. It is relatively easy, but does require to follow the these steps exactly:

Note: If you have µTune firmware 2.12 or higher and an ‘old’ expander firmware, the expander will not be recognized. It is however still possible to update.

  1. Put the “uTuneExp.ebi” file on the SD card and plug it into the µTune module.
  2. Turn off power of your µTune
  3. Plug in the expander to update. Only 1 expander can be updated at a time. Make sure only one expander is plugged into the main module when updating
  4. Navigate to menu to Conf -> Misc -> Expert Settings -> Expander FW Update
  5. Press ENTER
  6. The expander will update, this takes only a few seconds.
  7. After the update, you may need to power down and power up again.
  8. Repeat steps 2 – 7 in order to update all expanders

In rare cases, the update might fail and ‘brick’ the expander. Do not worry, there is a recovery mode:

  1. Turn off power of your µTune
  2. connect the expander to µTune
  3. Remove the jumper that selects the gate output voltage from the expander
  4. Use this jumper to connect the two pins shown on the “to next expander” connector
  5. Double check your connection
  6. apply power to µTune, expander should now be in bootloader mode (green LED blinking)
  7. Go to Conf->Expert settings->Expander FW Update and update the expander firmware normally
  8. After a successfull update, remove power, remove the jumper and put it back where is was before.

Expander recovery mode