MPC-1 midi via uniPulse

Harry Axten was using the existing sync sockets for midi input, so no drilling needed. You can trigger all sounds, the MPC-1 reacts very well to velocity.
Overall the installation is very simple, just solder some wires to the MPC board.

Overview of the uniPulse installation. Here, a custom ribbon cable is used, but the ribbon cable that comes with the uniPulse can be used as well.

You can see uniPulse power connections on the top, trigger inputs on the bottom and midi connections on the left (red and black wires)

Detail showing the power connection for uniPulse. With the stock ribbon cable, brown is Vin and red is GND.

Trigger connections (detail)

Midi connectiosn (detail)

While Harry Axten was not able to test this due to a battery leakage on the MPC board, it is very likely that the MPC’s sequencer can also be synced using uniPulse. The DIN uses Roland compatible DIN-Sync, so you could connect D3 and D4 outputs of uniPulse directly to the DIN connector (alongside the midi connections).

Configuration file fro MPC-1