Disclaimer for mods

Please read this carefully before installing any of the Tubbutec mods:

Always unplug the mains while installing the mods!

Some modifications may require soldering. If you have never done this before you may consider practising on something else then an expensive synthesizer.
It is in fact quite difficult to break something accidentally when following the instructions, but people seem to be very creative when it comes to this.

I am not responsible for any damage to your gear that results from improper installation.
I can however guarantee that no damage is possible when installed correctly and that the mods are carefully tested and were successfully installed in many synthesizers.

A few soldering tips:

– Make sure a soldered wire does not touch any other pin than the one soldered to and can not touch anything even when the wire is moved.
– did you use the correct resistor values?

Polysix / Poly61 notes:

These synthesizers are well known to have a battery leakage problem. Even if this is not apparent or was fixed, mechanical stress to the board might cause a failure due to corrosion of traces. Bear in mind that the installation of a mod might just cause this mechanical stress and cause failures.

Juno-6 / 60

The front panel board often has little cracks due to mechanical stress. This sometimes leads to an incorrectly working HOLD Led. This is often not noticed before installing the mod, because HOLD is rarely used. Use a continuity tester to find the fault and fix it with some wire..