A couple of projects I have been working on in the past. Unfortunately I have almost no photos of my modifications, so this will have to do..

Crumar DS2

Crumar DS2 (1)This is a picture of the original Crumar DS-2 for comparison:

Crumar_DS-2 original

This Crumar has been heavily modified. In order to reduce weight large parts of the original circuit have been replaced and built into a new case. Both the polyphonic and monophonic section were midified and the original heavy keyboard replaced with a much lighter midi keyboard.
In addition various features not existing in the original Crumar were added such as:

  • Midi input
  • Midi learn
  • Two different keyboard split modes (with arbitrary split point)
  • two selectable monophonic priority modes
  • gate retrigger (retriggers the mono synth on keypress)
  • pedal input for filter

Crumar DS2 (2)


Roland TR-606 extension box

tr-606 mod box

This is a box which attaches to the side of a 606 and adds a lot of features.

Cymbal and open hihat got an attack/decay envelope which is fully sensitive to velocity. This gives you independent control over the attack and decay times and the volume of the instrument.

Also I added a ring mod variant to the existing six hihat/cymbal oscillators using XORs. Gives you a great range of metallic sounds.






-Open Hihat attack, decay [velocity sensitive!!]
-Cymbal attack, decay [velocity sensitive!!]
-Control pitch of two oscillators for the cymbal and hihat metal sound
-Chose hihat sound to be, oscillators, two oscillators with ringmod, four oscillators with ringmod, mix
-Adjust hihat highpass
-Adjust cymbal highpass
-Adjust hihat+cymbal bandpass
-Adjust cymbal bandpass
-Low tom pitch
-Switch tom noise
-Snare noise amount
-Snare tune
-Snare decay
-Snare highpass filter