Tr-808 uniPulse install

This is the instruction manual for installing uniPulse in a roland TR-808.
It adds the following features:

  • Midi trigger of all instruments
  • All instruments are fully velocity sensitive
  • 5 Bonus sounds can be triggered as well
  • Sync to midi clock, you can still use DIN-sync of course

When the sync switch is set to OUT, the 808 will output the internal clock via DIN-sync.
When set to IN, the 808 will be clocked via external DIN-sync when it receives a DIN-sync signal, otherwise by midi clock.
You can even use an Y-cable at the input to get a built in midi2din conversion.

Installation is fairly easy. It is not nessesary to cut any traces on the board. The installation is completely reversible. The installation requires to solder some wires to the board and to desolder two wires from the exististing DIN socket.

The installation manual is availible here as PDF. ZIP file contains instructions and config file.