Midi for Vermona DRM (1987) with UniPulse

Jacob Korn was kind enough to share his documentation of adding midi to the classic Vermona DRM drum machine using the Tubbutec UniPulse interface.
Why would you use the uniPulse for a machine that already has midi? According to Jacob the DRMs original midi has severe timing issues and with the uniPulse it is much tighter.


Here is the uniPulse config file

Trigger inputs for the DRM are available on the connector on the back of the machine. As you can see, Jacob chose to put the uniPulse in an external box, but you can of course also install it inside the machine.

A 15V suppply voltage for the uniPulse is available on the ZERH board.


And finally here you can see the correct connections on the connector. The IN line, here labelled +DIG must be connected to GND,