µTune Updates

Here you can download the latest µTune firmware version.

This is how to install the firmware:
– Extract ZIP-file, you will get a file ‘uTuneFW.ebi’
– Put this file in the root directory of your SD card
– insert SD card in µTune and go to CONFIG->Misc->Expert Settings->Firmware Update (HW 16?*)
– The updater will start and firmware will update
– After the update you must reset the settings to default.

Firmware 2.xx

Firmware 2.xx brings a lot of changes and improvements. Generally people used to 1.xx will find a different menu structure, but overall functionality is similar.
>µTune user manual for firmware v2.01 (PDF).

µTune firmware 2.04 download
– BUGFIX: Autotune improvement for multiple channels
– BUGFIX: Several MPE compatibility fixes

µTune firmware 2.03 download
– FEATURE: added timeout for display – turns off automatically
– FEATURE: translate incoming pitch bend in midi2µmidi mode
– BUGFIX: improved usb compatibility
– BUGFIX: µTune CV/Gate did not receive midi when midi2µTonal DIN midi was active

µTune firmware 2.02 download
– BUGFIX: Fixes display issues

New features:

  • Expander support, up to 8 channels
  • Automatic tuning
  • Midi2Midi tuning: Supports pitch bend and realtime sysex
  • CV2midi: now supports pitch bend or real time sysex tuning
  • Upgraded inter-channel routing
  • Clock generator
  • Upgraded frequency display / tuner
  • Added glide, glide time via CV and glide switch via GATE-in
  • Autotrigger: Automatic GATE-out trigger generation on note change
  • Upgraded midi router with tuning option
  • New flexible voice assigner based on midi input channels
  • Improved frequency measurement: more stable and higher resolution
  • ‘auto’ function for notes/volt input setting, chooses notes/v based on scale
  • SD card det. ignore switch option
  • added more intervals to list
  • Midi router now supports sysex
  • Load and save KBM files (only partially supported)
  • Current scale is saved internally and available on startup
  • Select gate out polarity
  • On hardware version 18+ : optional switch trigger/gate output
  • Midi2CV now also supports midi controller messages
  • Send scale as midi tuning dump
  • Adjustable output trigger length
  • and more 🙂

Bugfixes and features since 1.98

– BUGFIX: ADC calibration for HW17 was not working
– BUGFIX: midi out transpose not working?
– BUGFIX: Scale masks were not working for midi out
– BUGFIX: Fixed bug in scale mask nearest note finding
– FEATURE: Added plug-in detection display

Newest stable 1.xx version:

µTune 1.05
– BUGFIX: Midi velocity link now working
Please read when updating from firmware version 1.00

Older versions:
µTune firmware 1.98 (last beta before 2.00)

µTune 1.04
– BUGFIX: CV2Midi ignored midi channel settings
– added SD Card detection option on/off
Please read when updating from firmware version 1.00

µTune 1.02
– Support for hardware version 18
– Tuner now shows frequency, BPM and cents
Please read when updating from firmware version 1.00

µTune 1.01
– Includes CV-Input calibration procedure (important please read this)
– BUGFIX: keyboard mapping not correct after startup
– BUGFIX: CV-to-Midi was not sending correctly over USB

Should you be one of the few people with hardware version 16, you can not access the bootloader from the menu directly. Instead hold the back button while powering on the µTune. This is also a failsave for failed updates.

Tubbutec Firmware Updater


Use this program to update the firmware of Tubbutec products. A user manual is included in the download.
The updater has been completely re-written and now supports OSX and windows.

Tubbutec Firmware Updater 2.0
Tubbutec Firmware Updater 2.1 (currently windows only)

Firmware images:
newest Firmware images:


(We recommend to only update if you have any issues that are fixed in an update)
You need at least updater Version 2.1
1) Connect midi out from your computer to uniPulse
2) Make sure no other midi software is running
3) Start firmware updater and select the correct midi output (select any input, does not matter)
4) Select uniPulse from the drop-down list and follow instructions
Version 1.03 – 19.5.2020
– BUGFIX: fixed bug in midi stack that caused issues with some devices (eg. MPC)


(SH-1oh1 µTune edition, see below)

SH-1oh1 v.1.07 1.2.2017
– BUGFIX: Pitch bend calibration was not saved properly
– BUGFIX: Midi in pitch now matches midi out pitch in all modes

SH-1oh1 v.1.06 23.11.2016
– FEATURE: Now sending velocity values in ‘as sounds’ mode based on accent. Can be used with ‘accent switch’ input to trigger same accents again.
– BUGFIX: Arp latch (hold) turned off when pressing the UP button
– BUGFIX: Wrong tuning on startup until pitchbend was sent.

SH-1oh1 v.1.05 15.11.2016
– BUGFIX: Keyboard now responses quicker
– FEATURE: When HOLD is pressed or arp is triggered fro midi, retriggering is turned off

SH-1oh1 v.1.04
– FEATURE: ARP ping pong mode (press UP+DOWN)
– FEATURE: added ADSR parameters: delay, polarity and looping mode
– BUGFIX: Bug when sending MTC quarterframe message
– BUGFIX: two uppermost notes behaved weird in ARP

SH-1oh1 v.1.03
– BUGFIX/FEATURE: (processor)noise has been reduced. The noise performance is now better then in the original SH-101.
– BUGFIX: midi note now turns off in arp mode
– BUGFIX: Gate does now turn off with rests in sequencer mode

SH-1oh1 v.1.02
– FEATURE: By default config menu not accessible via midi, can be switched on in config menu
– BUG: midi chan not filtered correctly
– BUG: hanging notes in key transpose

SH-1oh1 v.1.01
– BUGFIX: Sequencer is clocked from midi clock, if sender sends clock when stopped
– BUGFIX: Midi clock not in sync when changed
– BUGFIX: Mid velocity mapping not filtered by channel
– FEATURE: Parameters now return to previous value when velocity mapping is changed

SH-1oh1 µTune edition

SH-1oh1 µTune v1.08
– Fixed pitch bend bug


Juno-66 version 1.28
– BUGFIX: Arp was not behaving correctly in up/down mode when highest notes could not be played
– FEATURE: Made spread amount in menu exponential control
– BUGFIX: Fixed some minor issues with scale uploading
– Improves timing when playing connected notes via midi

Juno-66 version 1.26
– BUGFIX: Arp U&D mode was not working correctly
– BUGFIX: Arp max speed was not available

Juno-66 version 1.25
– FEATURE: Four custom scales can now be uploaded, selected. They are saved during power down.

Juno-66 version 1.24
– FEATURE: Upload a custom scale using midi.

Juno-66 version 1.23
– BUGFIX: Changed Up/Down mode of Arp to behave like original
– FEATURE: Portamento now switches fully off, when controlling speed over midi
– FEATURE: Looping mode, delay and polarity for ADSR
– FEATURE: ADSR and LFO are now reset with firmware reset

Juno-66 version 1.22
– BUGFIX: polymode only kills every second voice.
– BUGFIX: “click” sound when switching from very low to very high note

Juno-66 version 1.21
–   BUGFIX: midi controller not sensitive to specific midi channel

Juno-66 version 1.20
– ARP and SH-LFO clock sources can now be controlled via midi
– TRI-LFO max speed has been changed to about 2.2kHz. Due to technical reasons everything above was not usable. In exchange you get a better control law for the LFO-speed-course midi control
– BUGFIX: occasional double triggers when pressing keys in arp mode with internal arp clock.

Juno-66 version 1.1
1.1 contains the following new features:
– Additional ADSR envelope for filter
– Three voice mode
– New school chord memory modes
– Optional auto portamento in MONO B mode


ModyPoly version 2.2
– Fixes bug from 2.1 where settings and calibration was not saved correctly.
WARNING: You need to perform a firmware reset and possibly re-calibrate pitch bend after installing this update..

ModyPoly version 2.1
– Fixes bug: Mono/Poly + HiRes only: Poly LED only turning on when osc 4 on

ModyPoly version 2.0
– Now possible to record legato playing in sequencer
– Sequencer improved, longer notes possible
HiRes support:
– Portamento
– Microtonal tuning support
– Voice spread via midi
– alternative pitch bend method
– Glissando instead of portamento if no HiRes installed.
Get the updated user manual here.

ModyPoly version 1.6
– Fixed voice stealing issue when all voices active
ModyPoly version 1.571
ModyPoly version 1.57
– Now supports resonance control for Polysix
ModyPoly version 1.55
– Update for Mono/Poly: Adjusted timing with Arp retrigger to closer match the original
ModyPoly version 1.54
– BUGFIX: problem when sending MTC quarter frame messages

ModyPoly version 1.53
– midi controller messages are now filtered according to channel
1.51 fixes the following bugs:
– Pitch of Polysix drifts when playing a very low note after a very high note with the same voice
– In rare circumstances (depending on the hardware) the gate of voice 1 is not turned on correctly


ModySix version 1.55
– Update for Mono/Poly: Adjusted timing with Arp retrigger to closer match the original
ModySix version 1.54
– BUGFIX: problem when sending MTC quarter frame messages
– BUGFIX: midi controller messages are now filtered according to channel
– BUGFIX: Pitch of Polysix drifts when playing a very low note after a very high note with the same voice
– BUGFIX: In rare circumstances (depending on the hardware) the gate of voice 1 is not turned on correctly

ModySix version 1.5


Old program version

The old version can be found here:
Tubbutec Firmware Updater (old java based version)

Source code

Source code of Firmware Updater version 2