Unipulse Contribution

Tubbutec uniPulse is an universal interface for drum machines. There are many supported machines and we can not possibly write installation manuals for each of them.
You can help us by contributing an installation manual and will be rewarded with a 10€ discount on your next order.


There is a minimum amount of information that needs to be in your manual:

  1. Pictures of the trigger points. Pictures should show all trigger points and have a good resolution, so everything is recognisable. Someone else must be able to solder to the right points by just looking at your pictures. If a schematic is available, please also mark the trigger points here.
  2. Supply power. Include a description and/or a drawing of how to power the uniPulse in the particular drum machine.
  3. UniPulse configuration file. Please include a configuration file that fits to this machine.
  4. A picture of the installed uniPulse including the installed midi socket.

Bonus € if your manual includes:

  1. Description of how to sync the machine to midi using uniPulse.
  2. Audio or video of the finished mod

A good reference are the manuals for Vermona ER-9 and Rhythm Ace FR-3. The latter is a bit more thorough to give a few general insights.

How to write the manual

Register as a new user. If you already have a customer account you can also login.

On the left side choose Posts -> Add New

You can now write your installation manual. Choose ‘UniPulse installation – [Drum machine manufacturer] [Drum machine name] as title. You can format the text using the icons above the text field and upload images and the configuration file using the ‘Upload Media’ button.

When you are finished with your manual, press the ‘Submit for review’ button on the right and write us an email.

Thanks a lot for your help !!