Uni Pulse Configurator Manual

The uniPulse configurator manual can be found in chapter 3 of the uniPulse generall manual

3 Config Tool

Figure 6 shows a screen shot of the uniPulse configuration tool. It is
available for Windows and Mac and uses sysex messages to configure the uniPulse hardware.

Figure 6: Configuration tool

3.1 Configuration table

Each row of the configuration table shows the configuration of one uniPulse
channel. Channel P1 – P16 denote the 16 pulse outputs, D1-D4 are the
digital outputs and ’CV-out’ the analogue output. The ’Global’ channel at
the top allows a user to set a parameter (such as the midi channel) globally.

  • Shape: Here you can select the pulse shape, output and input configurations
  • Polarity: When the box is set to ’+’, the polarity of the output is
    positive, otherwise negative. In case of the trigger outputs this means
    positive or negative voltage, in case of the digital and CV outputs this
    switches between active high (checked) and active low(unchecked)
  • (Max) voltage: The maximum voltage to be output on this channel.
  • (Max) Length: The maximum pulse length adjustable between 0 and 1.27ms
  • Midi chan: The midi channel of the output reacts to
  • Midi note: The midi note of the output reacts to.
  • Voltage Link: Select whether the voltage is linked to nothing, midi
    velocity, CV-input or a midi controller
  • Length Link: Select whether the length is linked to nothing, midi
    velocity, CV-input or a midi controller.
  • Test: select which channel to test via the test button (see below)

3.2 Test Button

Use this button to upload the current configuration of this particular channel and test it. The button is velocity sensitive: The more you click to the
right on the button, the larger the velocity value will be.
Configuration for the selected channel is updated in the UniPulse, but
not saved. Powering off the UniPulse will reset it to the last saved configuration. Use ’Upload’ to save the configuration.
The correct midi output channel needs to be selected for this to work.

3.3 Midi upload

The configuration is sent to the uniPulse using midi sysex messages. Select
a midi output in the drop-down box on the bottom and connect the uniPulse
to this midi output. To upload the configuration, press the ’Upload’ button.
The blue indicator LED on the uniPulse will blink to indicate an upload in

3.4 Presets

Via ’Load preset’, ’Save preset’ and ’Save preset as’ in the ’Preset’ menu,
preset configurations can be saved and loaded.