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We have a limited number of µTune modules in stock right now. Please have a look at the different versions …

µTune Quantizer, midi 2 CV and CV 2 midi interface and microtonal multitool.

More info on the µTune page

Comes with:

  • SD card full of tunings
  • USB cable
  • Eurorack power cable


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Blue, Blue B-Stock, Black, Silver

2 reviews for µTune

  1. tubbutec

    Customer via email: “Ich bin total begeistert vom Hz/V-tracking. Um Klassen besser als SQ-1, shuttle control, MCV8,… Das ist tatsächlich die erste vernünftige Einbindung für meinen CS-15” – Translation: “I am enthralled by the Hz/V-tracking. Leagues better than SQ-1, Shuttle control, MCV8,..This is actually the first reasonable implementation for my CS-15”

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  2. Tim Wallhead

    I am lucky to have two of these in my modular system to quantize 960 sequencers CV outputs and be able to extract clocks and rest signals from midi to drive them in time with everything else. It is also great for converting CV to midi notes to drive my OB-6 and Prophet 5. And its microtonal with loads of inbuilt scales to play with…

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